Alter the Appearance alter-the-appearance

Modify the Script modify-the-script

The comment.hbs script is responsible for creating the overall HTML for each comment.

To not display the avatar next to each posted comment:

  1. Copy comment.hbsfrom libsto apps

    1. Select /libs/social/commons/components/hbs/comments/comment/comment.hbs
    2. Select Copy
    3. Select /apps/social/commons/components/hbs/comments/comment
    4. Select Paste
  2. Open the overlaid comment.hbs

    • Double-click node comment.hbs in /apps/social/commons/components/hbs/comments/comment folder
  3. Find the following lines and either delete or comment them out:

  <aside class="scf-comment-author">
        <img class="scf-comment-avatar {{#if topLevel}}withTopLevel{{/if}}" src="{{author.avatarUrl}}"></img>

Either delete the lines, or surround them with <!-- and --> so you comment them out. Also, the characters ‘xxx’ are being added as a visual indicator of where the avatar would have been.

   <!-- do not display avatar with comment
    <aside class="scf-comment-author">
        <img class="scf-comment-avatar {{#if topLevel}}withTopLevel{{/if}}" src="{{author.avatarUrl}}"></img>

Replicate the Overlay replicate-the-overlay

Push the overlaid comments component to the publish instance using the Replication Tool.

A more robust form of replication would be to create a package in Package Manager and activate it. A package can be exported and archived.

From the global navigation, select Tools > Deployment > Replication and click Activate Tree.

For the Start Path, enter /apps/social/commons and select Activate.


View Results view-results

If you log on to the publish instance as an administrator, for example, https://localhost:4503/crx/de as admin/admin, you can verify that the overlaid components are there.

If you log off and then log on as and refresh the page, you observe that an avatar is not display with the posted comment. Instead, a simple ‘xxx’ is displayed.