Configuring Email configuring-email

AEM Communities uses email for:

By default, the email feature is not functional as it requires the specification of an SMTP server and SMTP user.

Email for notifications and subscriptions must be configured only on the primary publisher.

Default Mail Service Configuration default-mail-service-configuration

The default mail service is required for both notifications and subscriptions.

This is based on the documentation for Configuring Email Notification, but with a difference in that the field "From" address is not required and should be left empty.

For example (filled in with values for illustrative purposes only):


  • SMTP server host name

    (Required) The SMTP server to use.

  • SMTP server port

    (Required) The SMTP server port must be 25 or higher.

  • SMTP user

    (Required) The SMTP user.

  • SMTP password

    (Required) The SMTP user’s password.

  • “From” address

    Leave empty

  • SMTP use SSL

    If checked, it sends a secure email. Ensure that the port is set to 465 or as required for an SMTP server.

  • Debug email

    If checked, this enables logging of SMTP server interactions.

AEM Communities Email Configuration aem-communities-email-configuration

Once the default mail service is configured, the two existing instances of the AEM Communities Email Reply Configuration OSGi config, included in the release, become functional.

Only the instance for subscriptions must be further configured when allowing reply by email.

  1. Email instance:

    For notifications, which does not support reply email, and should not be altered.

  2. Subscriptions-email instance:

    Requires configuration to fully enable creating post from reply email.

To reach the Communities email configuration instances:


Configuration for Notifications configuration-for-notifications

The instance of AEM Communities Email Reply Configuration OSGi config with the Name email is forthenotifications feature. This feature does not include email reply.

Do not alter this configuration.

  • Locate the AEM Communities Email Reply Configuration.

  • Select the edit icon.

  • Verify that the Name is email.

  • Verify that Create post from reply email is unchecked.


Configuration for Subscriptions configuration-for-subscriptions

For Communities subscriptions, it is possible to enable or disable the ability for a member to post content by replying to an email.

  • Locate the AEM Communities Email Reply Configuration.

  • Select the edit icon.

  • Verify that the Name is subscriptions-email.


  • Name

    (Required) subscriptions-email. Do Not Edit.

  • Create post from reply email

    If checked, the recipient of a subscription email may post content by sending a reply. Default is checked.

  • Add tracked id to header

    Default is Reply-To.

  • Maximum length of Subject

    If tracker id is added to subject line, this is the maximum length of subject, excluding tracked id, after which it is trimmed. This should be as small as possible to avoid tracked id information from being lost. The default is 200.

  • “Reply-To” email address

    Address that is used as a “Reply-To” email address. Default is

  • Reply-to-Delimiter

    If tracker id is added to Reply-to header, this delimiter is used. Default is + (plus sign).

  • Tracker Id prefix in subject

    If tracker id is added to subject line, this prefix is used. Default is post#.

  • Tracker id prefix in message body

    If tracker id is added to message body, this prefix is used. Default is Please do not remove this:.

  • Email as HTML: If checked, Content-Type of email is set as "text/html;charset=utf-8". Default is checked.

  • Default user name

    This name is used for no name users. Default is

  • Templates root path

    The email is built using a template stored at this root path. Default is /etc/community/templates/subscriptions-email.

Configure Polling Importer configure-polling-importer

For the email to be brought into the repository, it is necessary to configure a polling importer and configure its properties in the repository manually.

Add New Polling Importer add-new-polling-importer

  • Log in to the primary publisher with administrator privilege and browse to the polling importer console:

    For example, http://localhost:4503/etc/importers/polling.html

  • Select Add


  • Type

    (Required) Pull down to select POP3 (over SSL).

  • URL

    (Required) The outbound mail server. For example,****.

  • Import to Path*

    (Required) Set to /content/usergenerated/mailFolder/postEmails
    by browsing to the postEmailsfolder and select OK.

  • Update Interval in Seconds

    (Optional) The mail server configured for the default mail service may have requirements regarding the update interval value. For example, Gmail may require an interval of 300.

  • Login


  • Password


  • Select OK.

Adjust Protocol for New Polling Importer adjust-protocol-for-new-polling-importer

Once the new polling configuration is saved, it is necessary to further modify properties of the subscription email importer to change the protocol from POP3 to emailreply.

Using CRXDE Lite:

  • Log in to the primary publisher with administrator privilege and browse to https://<server>:<port>/crx/de/index.jsp#/etc/importers/polling.

  • Select the newly created configuration and modify the following properties:

    • feedType: Replace pop3s with emailreply
    • source: Replace source’s protocol pop3s:// with emailreply://


The red triangles indicate the modified properties. Be sure to save the changes:

  • Select Save All.