Theme Customization theme-customization

AEM 6.4 has reached the end of extended support and this documentation is no longer updated. For further details, see our technical support periods. Find the supported versions here.

You can customize the HTML code and CSS file to provide a distinct organization-specific look and feel to AEM Forms app. For example, you can change the background color and height of tasks or Startpoints. The following example provides instructions to change:

  • display instructions in place of the description
  • number of display routes
  • background gradient color

Steps steps

  1. Open your project.

    • For iOS, open Capture.xcodeproj in Xcode
    • For Android, open the Android project in Eclipse.
    • For Windows, open MWSWindows.sln in Visual Studio.
  2. Navigate to the templates folder.

    • In Xcode, navigate to the Capture > www > wsmobile > js > runtime > templates folder.
    • In Eclipse, navigate to the assets > www > wsmobile > js > runtime > templates folder.
    • In Visual Studio, navigate to the MWSWindows > www > wsmobile > js > runtime > templates folder.
  3. Open the template.html file for editing.

  4. Locate the following string:

    code language-none
    <%if ( (task.description !== "") && (task.description !== null) && (typeof task.description !== null) && (typeof task.description !== 'undefined') ) {%>
                   <div class="description_details">
                     <%= task.description %>
                  <%} else

    Replace it with <%.

  5. Locate the following code in the template.html file:

    code language-none
    <ul id="task_menu_list">
                                    <li class="approve" title="<%= task.availableCommands.directCommands[0]%>" data-routename="<%= task.availableCommands.directCommands[0]%>">
                                        <%= task.availableCommands.directCommands[0]%>
                                    <li class="reject last" title="<%= task.availableCommands.directCommands[1]%>" data-routename="<%= task.availableCommands.directCommands[1]%>">
                                        <%= task.availableCommands.directCommands[1]%>
  6. Comment the following line and save the file.

    code language-none
    <%= task.availableCommands.directCommands[1]%>
  7. Navigate to the css folder.

    • In Xcode, navigate to Capture > www > wsmobile > css.
    • In Eclipse, navigate to assets > www > wsmobile > css.
    • In Visual Studio, navigate to MWSWindows > www > wsmobile > css.
  8. Open the _style.css file for editing.

  9. For Background image, change #323232 to #fff.

  10. Save the changes and close _style.css file.

  11. Open the AEM Forms app.

    The AEM Forms app now displays instructions instead of description.