Create and Assign Enablement Resources create-and-assign-enablement-resources

AEM 6.4 has reached the end of extended support and this documentation is no longer updated. For further details, see our technical support periods. Find the supported versions here.

Add an Enablement Resource add-an-enablement-resource

To add an enablement resource to the new community site:

  • On the author instance
  • Sign in as a system administrator
  • From global navigation, select Communities > Resources
  • Select the community site to which enablement resources are being added
    • Select Enablement Tutorial
  • From the menu, select Create
  • Select Resource


Basic Info basic-info

Fill in the basic information for the Resource:

  • Site Name:
    set to the name of the selected community site: Enablement Tutorial
  • Resource Name*: Ski Lesson 1
  • Tags: Tutorial: Sports / Skiing
  • Show in Catalog: On
  • Description: Sliding on snow for beginners
  • Add Image: Add an image to represent the Resource to the member in their Assignments view
  • Select Next

Add Content add-content

While it appears as if multiple Resources might be selected, only one is allowed.

Select the '+' icon, in the upper right corner, to begin the process of choosing the Resource by identifying the source.

chlimage_1-203 chlimage_1-204

Upload a Resource. If a video resource, either upload a custom image to display before the video starts playing, or allow a thumbnail to be generated from the video (may take a few minutes - it’s not necessary to wait).


  • select Next

Settings settings

  • Social Settings
    Leave default settings to experience commenting and rating of enablement resources by learners.
  • Due Date
    (Optional) A date by which the assignment should be completed may be selected.
  • Resource Author
    (Optional) Leave blank.
  • Resource Contact*
    (Required) Use the pulldown menu to select member Quinn Harper.
  • Resource Expert
    (Optional) Leave blank.
    Note: if users or groups are not visible, check that they were added to the Community Enable Members group and Saved on the publish instance.
  • Select Next

Assignments assignments

  • Add Assignees
    Leave unset as this enablement resource will be added to a learning path. If a learner is assigned to the individual enablement resource as well as a learningpPath containing the enablement resource, the learner will be assigned to the enablement resource twice.


  • Select Create


Successful creation of the Resource returns to the Resources console with the newly created Resource selected. From this console, it is possible to publish, add learners and change other settings.

To upload a new version of the enablement resource, it is recommended to create a new Resource, and then unenroll members from the old version and enroll them in the new version.

Publish the Resource publish-the-resource

Before Enrollees are able to see the assigned Resourse, it must be published:

  • Select the world Publishicon

Activation is confirmed with a success message:


Add a Second Enablement Resource add-a-second-enablement-resource

Repeat the steps above to create and publish a second related enablement resource from which a learning path will be created.


Publish the second Resource.

Return to the Enablement Tutorial listing of it’s Resources.

Hint: if both Resources are not visible, refresh the page.


Add a Learning Path add-a-learning-path

A learning path is a logical grouping of enablement resources which form a course.

  • From the Resources console, select + Create
  • Select Learning Path


Add the Basic Info:

  • Learning Path Name: Ski Lessons
  • Tags: Tutorial: Skiing
  • Show in Catalog: leave unchecked
  • Upload an image to represent the learning path in the Resources console


  • Select Next

Skip the next panel as there are no prerequisite learning paths to add.

  • Select Next

On the Add Resources panel

  • Select + Add Resources to select the 2 ski lessions resources to add to the learning path

    Note: Only published Resources will be selectable.

You can only select the resources available at the same level as the learning path. For example, for a learning path created in a group only the group level resources are available; for a learning path created in a community site the resources in that site are available for adding to the learning path.
  • Select Submit.

chlimage_1-214 chlimage_1-215

  • Select Next


  • Add Assignees
    Use the pulldown menu to select the Community Ski Class group, which should included members Riley Taylor and Sidney Croft.

  • Learning Path Contact*
    (Required) Use the pulldown menu to select member Quinn Harper.

  • Select Create


Successful creation of the learning path returns to the Resources console with the newly created learning path selected. From this console, it is possible to publish, add learners and change other settings.

Publish the learning path.