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AEM 6.4 has reached the end of extended support and this documentation is no longer updated. For further details, see our technical support periods. Find the supported versions here.

Overview overview

As of Communities FP1, community members may interact with the community through email using a feature referrred to as subscriptions.

Subscriptions are similar to notifications as members may subscribe when following blog articles, forum topics or QnA questions.

What distinguishes subscriptions from notifications is:

  • Members may not subscribe when following other members
  • The only action for members to take is to select Email Subscriptions when following
  • When email reply is configured, members may effectively post content by simply replying to the received email

Requirements requirements

Configure Email

Email must be configured in order for subscriptions to be functional and for members to reply by email.

For instructions on setting up email, see Configuring Email.

Enable Subscriptions and Follow

Components must be configured to enable subscriptions and following. Features that allow subscriptions are blog, forum and QnA.

Subscriptions from Following subscriptions-from-following


The Follow button provides a means to follow entries as activities, subscriptions and/or notifications. Each time the Follow button is selected, it is possible to toggle on or off a selection.

If any method of following is selected, the text of the button changes to Following. For convenience, it is possible to select Unfollow All to toggle off all methods.

The Follow button will include the Email Subscriptions option only when a forum, QnA, or blog is configured to enable email subscriptions. This button will appear

  • On the main feature page for the enabled forum, QnA, or blog

    • Will send an email for all activity under that feature
  • For a specific entry, such as a forum topic, QnA question, or blog article

    • Will send an email when there is activity for that specific entry

Reply by Email reply-by-email

When email is configured for replying by email, the member who subscribed will receive an email with the posted content and a link to the online content.

If they reply to the email, the content they enter in the reply will appear as content online.


The amount of time it takes for a reply to be posted is controlled by the polling importer’s update interval.