Promoting Launches promoting-launches

AEM 6.4 has reached the end of extended support and this documentation is no longer updated. For further details, see our technical support periods. Find the supported versions here.

You need to promote launch pages to move the content back into the source (production) before publishing. When a launch page is promoted, the corresponding page of the source pages is replaced with the content of the promoted page. The following options are available when promoting a launch page:

  • Whether to promote only the current page or the entire launch.
  • Whether to promote the child pages of the current page.
  • Whether to promote the full launch or only pages that have changed.

Promoting Launch Pages promoting-launch-pages

To promote pages, perform the following steps while editing the launch page that you want to promote:

  1. On the Page tab in Sidekick, click Promote Launch.

  2. Specify the pages to promote:

    • (Default) To promote only the current page, select Promote Page Changes To Production Version.
    • To also promote the child pages of the curent page, select Include Sub Pages.
    • To promote all pages in the launch, select Promote Full Launch To Production Version.
  3. To add the production pages to a workflow package, select Add To Workflow Package and then select the workflow package.

  4. Click Promote.

Processing Promoted Pages Using AEM Workflow processing-promoted-pages-using-aem-workflow

Use workflow models to perform bulk processing of promoted Launches pages:

  1. Create a workflow package.
  2. When authors promote Launch pages, they store them in the workflow package.
  3. Start a workflow model using the package as the payload.

To start a workflow automatically when pages are promoted, configure a workflow launcher for the package node.

For example, you can automatically generate page activation requests when authors promote Launches pages. Configure a workflow launcher to start the Request Activation workflow when the package node is modified.