About Experience Cloud Triggers overview

Experience Cloud Triggers provides a comprehensive solution for identifying, defining, and monitoring critical consumer behaviors. With these triggers, you can generate cross-application communications to re-engage visitors, resulting in a more personalized and engaging user experience.

You can use triggers in real-time decisions and personalization, for example:

  • Configure fast re-marketing campaigns for cart abandonments or cart abandonments with products removed, helping to increase conversions and revenue.
  • Identify incomplete forms and applications, enabling you to follow up with personalized communications to encourage completion and reduce abandonment rates.
  • Monitor any actions or sequences of actions on your site that you want to track, providing valuable insights into user behavior and enabling you to optimize the user experience based on their actions.

Types of Triggers

Generally, a trigger can take 15-90 minutes to launch a marketing campaign. This delay varies depending on the implementation of data collection, load on the pipeline, custom configuration of the defined trigger, and the workflow in Adobe Campaign.

  • Abandonment: You can create a trigger to fire when a visitor views a product but does not add anything to the cart.
  • Action: You can create triggers, for example, to fire after newsletter sign-ups, email subscriptions, or applications for credit cards (confirmations). If you are a retailer, you can create a trigger for a visitor who signs up for a loyalty program. In media and entertainment, create triggers for visitors who watch a certain show, and perhaps you want to respond with a survey.
  • Session Start and Session End: Create a trigger for session start and session end events.