Campaign: Org unit folder not visible when user associated with multiple organizational units

This article provides a solution for when the org unit folder does not display when you are assigned to multiple organization units. This is expected behavior, and you need to be assigned by an administrator to only one organizational group.

Description description


Adobe Campaign Standard (all versions)


You cannot see the org unit specific folder and you are assigned to multiple organizational units.

Resolution resolution

This is working as designed. Adobe Campaign cannot manage a user having two security groups with different org/geo units. You need to request that an administrator go to the Admin Console and remove you as a user from one of the security groups. For steps, refer to Creating a User in Campaign Standard Documentation.

For more information on security groups, refer to About security groups in Campaign Standard Documentation.


You can assign several security groups to a user but only one must have an org/geo unit, the others must be used to provide roles. You cannot have one user linked with multiple org units at the same time and have access to folders linked to these different org units.