Production subdomains are listed under stage instance in Control Panel

This article provides the steps to fix the Adobe Campaign issue where production subdomains are displayed even under  stage instance in the Control Panel. To resolve this, you have to first disable the production instance, and add it again.

Description description


Adobe Campaign Classic v7


In the Control panel, under the Subdomain Management tab, production subdomains are displayed instead of the subdomains for the stage instance.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open  Control panel, and go to the Subdomain Management tab.
  2. Make sure the stage instance is selected.
  3. Observe that the displayed subdomains are not the stage ones, but the production ones.

Resolution resolution


This happens because the production’s mid or real-time instance has been added as an external account for the stage instance.


Follow the below-mentioned steps to resolve this:

  1. Navigate to the Instance settings, and select the External Accounts tab.
  2. Select the stage instance from the drop-down list, and check the external accounts displayed. If the above issue occurs, normally a production instance is listed. This shouldn’t be the case since these should be only stage instances.
  3. Disable or remove the production instance.
  4. Select the production instance from the drop-down list, and add the production instance you previously removed/disabled above.

For more information on Instance settings, refer to Add MID/RT instances (hybrid model).