Unable to create viewer presets in AEMaaCS

This article outlines the steps to resolve the issue of not being able to view and create new Viewer Presets in Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service (AEMaaCS).

Description description


  • Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service
  • Dynamic Media Classic


Unable to create Viewer Presets in AEMaaCS (Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service) environment. Existing Viewer Presets are not available as well.

Resolution resolution

Dynamic Media setup settings would have been mixed up as some referring to a staging DMS7 instance and some to production. This mismatch prevents the Viewer Presets from showing up.

Load the DM maintenance page here on the AEMaaCS instance concerned using: /libs/dam/gui/content/s7dam/samplemanager/samplemanager.html

From that page, run DM initial sync  and any other setup scripts necessary to create the presets as intended. Post these steps the Viewer Presets can now be seen and used, and new ones can be created as necessary.