Difference between SMS delivery statuses: Sent, Sent to the provider, and Received on Mobile

This article expounds upon the out-of-the-box delivery status documentation. Specifically, detailing the statuses of “Sent”, “Sent to the Provider”, and “Received on Mobile.”

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Difference between SMS delivery statuses: Sent, Sent to the provider, and Received on Mobile.

Note - While the out-of-the-box documentation provides an overview of the issue, further explanation was required.

Resolution resolution

  • Received on mobile is successfully received (MT + SR)
  • Sent is MT successful, but no SR received
  • Sent to the provider is SUBMIT_SM sent to the provider, but no SUBMIT_SM_RESP received from the provider.

It is normal to have some messages in the “sent” status because the SR (that turns Sent to Received) is sent by the recipient’s mobile phone. So if they have poor cell reception for any reason, they may not receive it. It is up to the provider to retry or to justify why no SR was received unless the provider justifies that Campaign did not behave as expected.

Take a minute to glance through these summaries on SMS delivery statuses for future purposes:

  • Pending: Not sent to the aggregator
  • Taken into account by provider: Sent to the aggregator, and aggregator confirmed reception.
  • Sent: Aggregator confirmed the message has been pushed to the cellphone without an immediate error.
  • Received on Mobile: The cellphone confirmed the reception to the aggregator, and the aggregator confirmed to AC.
  • Failed: Pushed to the aggregator. The aggregator tried to send to the cellphone (for X hours). The aggregator was not able to reach the cellphone for whatever reason.

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