CDN template in Application Setup doesn’t save

CDN template in Application Setup can’t be saved. Any changes disappear when logging out and logging in again.

Description description

CDN template in Application Setup disappearing after logging in and out. We have an issue where the CDN template within Application setup, which is used to invalidate images keeps disappearing, this means that the invalidate CDN option is not working as the field is empty and we have to keep copy and pasting the template back in each time when it has disappeared. This is causing a delay on images being able to be invalidated on our website.

Resolution resolution

The Database field where the CDN Template is saved has an upper limit of 2500 characters. When a CDN template larger than that is attempted to be saved, this results in an error in the logs, even though the UI does not indicate anything wrong. Bringing the template below 2500 characters has it saved just fine.

Here is what the logs indicate as response to your Company Settings update request with too big of a CDN template:

2024-02-27 11:59:07,333 [ RESP_FAULT-f2957e392d404394b8accf8815f6c503]
[] [ -] [ updatePropertySet] [ 185 ms]
< tns:ipsApiFault
xmlns:tns=“”> < tns:code> 30000< /tns:code> < tns:reason> java.sql.SQLException:
ORA-12899: value too large for column
ORA-06512: at line 1
< /tns:reason> < /tns:ipsApiFault>