Adobe Experience Manager: The node with “sling:resourceType=wcm/msm/components/ghost”

Explore the process of restoring deleted components in live copies and managing inheritance effectively.

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  • Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service (AEM as a cloud service)
  • Adobe Experience Manager 6.5 (AEM)


In some cases, nodes with a sling:resourceType value of wcm/msm/components/ghost exist. This article explains how the node is created.

Resolution resolution

The node is created as a part of the MSM (Multi Site Manager) functionality. The node will be used to restore a deleted component in the live copy. The node is left behind instead of being completely removed.

The following actions will change the sling:resourceType of a component’s node to wcm/msm/components/ghost:

Step 1. Cancel the inheritance of a component on the live copied page.
Step 2. Delete the component.
Step 3. The sling:resourceType of the node of the deleted component becomes wcm/msm/components/ghost.

The deleted component is displayed as a placeholder for a deleted inherited component in the page editor.

Re-enabling inheritance will revert the component, including the sling:resourceType, to the state before inheritance is canceled.