Target mode doesn’t appear on Sites

This article provides a fix for the AEMaaCS issue where the Targeting Mode does not appear in Sites. To resolve this, remove the default path in Page Properties  under Personalization  if the codebase is /libs/settings/cloudsettings/legacy/contexthub.

Description description


Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service (AEMaaCS)


As per the Integration with Adobe Target using IMS user guide, Target is successfully activated for experience fragments with IMS. However, this does not happen in Sites. The Targeting mode doesn’t appear in the list of modes.

Resolution resolution

By default, AEMaaCS checks for contexthub in the /etc/cloudsettings/default/contexthub/ path. If codebase is /libs/settings/cloudsettings/legacy/contexthub, then remove the default path in Page Properties under Personalization, and Targeting Mode will appear. The contexthub bundle does not check under libs anymore when the path under /etc/ does not exist, and this results in the contexthub not being included on the page.