PDF naming conventions in Dynamic Media / DMS7

When you upload a PDF in the Dynamic Media Classic, it is called assetnamepdf without a dot. This article will help you know about the naming conventions for the PDF files in Adobe Dynamic Media.

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What is the naming convention for pdfs uploaded into Dynamic Media?

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Historically, the main purpose for the upload of PDF assets into DM was to create an asset called an eCatalog which can be viewed in the html5 eCatalog viewer.

This workflow has always been maintained in the setup. There are 2 ways of uploading a pdf into DMS7, or synchronizing a pdf from AEM to DMS7:

  1. Without any kind of processing (jobOptions - pdfprocessing=none) if you would upload a pdf called abc.pdf with this option, the pdf in the DMS7 system will be called abc.

    Since a pdf is a static asset however, and VirtualID serving of static assets is by default turned on, you can also request the pdf with the full path+extension. If it was uploaded into the root folder of your production instance called company, it could be requested as http://server.scene7.com/is/content/company/abc.pdf if it would be in a subfolder called subfolder, then the URL would be: http://server.scene7.com/is/content/company/subfolder/abc.pdf

  2. With any processing (pdfprocess=thumbnail or any other option). With this option, the ID of the asset itself is reserved for the eCatalog.

    The ID with -1, -2, etc. is for the page images. The ID with pdf attached is for the original pdf file, which is by default not published, even though a publish action is indicated as part of the upload.

    For example

    abc - eCatalog

    abc-1 - image of the first page

    abc-2 - image of the 2nd page etc.

    abcpdf - original pdf

    The full path pdf calling above also works for this option, but you’d need to explicitly make sure it is published, since it will not get published automatically.

This is the way the naming convention for PDF files has always been and is intended to be for DynamicMedia.