Fusion: Failed to verify connection ‘52174’. Status Code Error: 500

Resolve the Workfront Fusion error - Failed to verify connection ‘52174’. Status Code Error: 500  by verifying your login credentials and resetting your password.

Description description


Workfront Fusion


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start to add a connection in a Fusion Workfront module by selecting  Add next to the Connection box.
  2. Fill out the fields: Connection Name, Environment, Type, Email / Username, and Password.
  3. Select Continue and see the following error:
Error: The request failed due to failure of a previous request. > Failed to verify connection '52174'. Status Code Error: 500.

Resolution resolution

  • Verify that the Email / Username and Password values used in Fusion Connection are correct by attempting to log in to the Workfront native password system.
  • If SSO is used, this login page needs to be accessed by adding /login to the Workfront URL. Example: https://(domain).my.workfront.com/login. Replace (domain) with the company’s unique domain name.
  • Reset the native Workfront password, if necessary, by using Forgot Password or work with a system administrator.