Workfront: Stuck export

If your Kick-start export or a Resource Planner export is stuck, you can identify the stuck export to delete so you can run your desired export.

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Adobe Workfront


After starting an export, such as a Kick-start export or a Resource Planner export, users do not see a file get exported and are unable to start a new one as the export option is grayed out or there is a message stating that there is still an ongoing export.


This can sometimes occur with larger background jobs.

Resolution resolution

Solution Steps

  1. Identify if there is a background job that is still showing as Running by running the following API call:

    code language-none

    The handlerClassName and status searches are included to help with narrowing down your results so you can easily find the one with a status of Running  and the type of export you were attempting to run.

  2. Once you have identified the stuck export, copy that ID (the  background job ID) for use in Step 5.

  3. Collect the  session ID that is going assist with removing this stuck export by using the following API call:

    code language-none
  4. Copy the ID you see for the sessionID  line in the results for use in Step 5.

  5. Once you have the background job ID and the sessionID, execute the following API call to remove the export, replacing backgroundJobID and sessionID with the IDs that you collected in the previous steps:

    code language-none
  6. If successful, you will see a True message confirming that it is deleted.

    If you refresh the page where you searched for background jobs (Step 1), you will see that the Running  job should no longer be listed.

  7. Return to the export you wanted to attempt, and the option should now be available.

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