Project sharing lists are automatically prepopulated on creating new projects

Project sharing lists getting automatically prepopulated could be due to a project access template that affects your user account settings. Follow the steps below to resolve the issue.

Description description




A projects sharing list is automatically pre-populated when attempting to create a new project. This happens on selecting the option Set as my project access template  under the sharing window of a project.

Resolution resolution

If you encounter this issue, it is likely that a project access template is affecting your user account settings. Follow these steps to address the issue:

Step to resolve:

  1. Access a Project: Navigate to any project in which you are currently involved.
  2. Access the Share  Option: Within the project interface, locate and click the Share button.
  3. Adjust Permissions: Click on the cogwheel icon.
  4. Identify Template Usage: If you are utilizing a project access template, you will see the Reset Defaults  option at the bottom of the first option.
  5. Reset Defaults: To resolve the issue, simply choose the first option that includes the Reset Defaults  feature.

This process corrects unintended prepopulated user lists and ensures that project sharing aligns with your expectations and project requirements.