Status of SMS delivery in nmsBroadLogRcp is not “Received on mobile”

Learn how to fix the issue where the status of SMS delivery in nmsBroadLogRcp is incorrect.

Description description


  • Adobe Campaign Classic v7
  • Adobe Campaign Classic v8


The status of SMS delivery in nmsBroadLogRcp doesn’t change to “Received on mobile”, even if you have received the SMS.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Send a test SMS and check if you receive it.
  2. Open the SMS delivery and check the status of your test in the Delivery tab. It shows Sent, though it should be "Received on mobile", since you received the SMS.
  3. Check the table nmsProviderMsgId for your delivery. An entry is present for the delivery id and message id of your test, with the status Ignored.

Resolution resolution

Contact the SMS provider to get the correct regex. Once you get the right regex, replace it in the external account and start the SMS process again.


The status Ignored in the nmsProviderMsgId table for the same delivery id and message id indicates that the regex used in the SMS external account is not correct.