Adobe Experience Manager: Language copy does not adjust links inside the page

In AEM 6.5.16, links inside the pages of a language copy do not adjust to the local language path. This issue should be resolved in AEM 6.5.19.

Description description


AEM 6.5.16 - 6.5.18


After installing AEM 6.5.16, the links inside the pages of a language copy no longer get adjusted to the local language path.

Steps to reproduce

Step 1. Open /wknd/language-masters/en/about-us with the page editor.

Step 2. Add a Button component to the page.

Step 3. Configure the Button and set /content/wknd/language-masters/en/faqs as the Link.

Step 4. Create a language copy of the /wknd/language-masters/en/about-us.

Step 5. Choose a Target Language, for example, Japanese.

Step 6. Open the language copy /wknd/language-masters/ja/about-us.

The link of the button should be adjusted to /content/wknd/language-masters/ja/faqs. However, the actual path is still /content/wknd/language-masters/en/faqs in AEM 6.5.16.

Resolution resolution

AEM 6.5.19 will contain the fix for this issue (NPR-41364).