Adobe Experience Manager: The content path called from SDI has changed since AEM 6.5.13

There has been a change in the content path called from SDI since AEM 6.5.13. This was done to resolve a responsive grid issue.

Description description


AEM 6.5.13 or higher


There is a change which relates to cache utilization in SDI, since AEM 6.5.13. This article explains the detail of the change.

Resolution resolution

The change was introduced as NPR-38214[ 1] to resolve a responsive grid issue. As a result, a suffix is added to the content path for SDI include. The dispatcher cannot cache the URL with a suffix. If you use SDI, check for a significant change in the publish instance’s load.

• 6.5.12

<!-- SDI include (path: /content/we-retail/language-masters/en/test/_jcr_content/root/responsivegrid/datetime.nocache.html, resourceType: mysite/components/datetime) -->

• 6.5.13

<!-- SDI include (path: /content/we-retail/language-masters/en/test/_jcr_content/root/responsivegrid/datetime.nocache.html/mysite/components/datetime, resourceType: mysite/components/datetime) -->

[ 1]  Adobe Experience Manager 6.5 Latest Service Pack Release Notes (6.5.13): “Layout properties coming from XF Template not observed in side of a Page. (NPR-38214)