Pipeline triggers are not being processed

This article helps as a quick solution to fix the pipeline triggers that are not being processed by running the following commands on each container of the concerned instance.

Description description


Campaign Classic v7


Pipeline triggers are not being processed.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Check pipeline triggers - No new trigger is being integrated.
  2. In the Monitoring tab, open the pipelined process logs, the following errors are noticed:

   warning log Connection seems to have been lost. Attempting to reconnect.

   error log XSV-350176 Invalid private key to get JSON web tokens. (iRc=16384)

   error log INT-150012 The HTTP query returned a 'Bad Request' type error (400) (iRc=-53)

   error log XTK-170065 Error while authenticating: '{"error_description":"JWT token is

   missing.","error":"invalid_token"}' (iRc=16384)

   error log IMS Service Token is empty. (iRc=16384)

   error log Unknown authentication mode: 'Bearer realm="Adobe Analytics"'. (iRc=-55)

   error log BAS-010007 Function not implemented (iRc=-55)

Resolution resolution

Steps to resolve:

  1. In the Adobe developer console, for the project used for the pipeline process, make sure only the latest generated key is available. The old ones can be deleted.
  2. Download the generated key under as a zip file.
  3. Make sure to encode in base64 the private.key as it is. Do not modify or copy/paste the content of the key.
  4. Use the base64 key to run the following command on each container of your instance:
  • nlserver config -instance:<instance name>-setimsjwtauth:Organization_Id/Client_Id/Technical_Account_ID/<Client_Secret>/<Base64_encoded_Private_Key

The Adobe I/O key is not correctly integrated on the instance.