Access rights error during delivery preparation in Campaign

Learn how to solve access restrictions in delivery preparation. You must upgrade the instance to the version 7.3.4.

Description description


Adobe Campaign Classic v7


To troubleshoot this issue, follow the given steps:

  1. Initiate a workflow featuring a delivery activity for sending messages with an associated web analytics account.
  2. When performing delivery preparation, you encounter the following error:

An unexpected error causing the process to halt.

An error during the execution of the ‘PrepareTarget’ method within the ‘nms:delivery’ service.

An error during the execution of the ‘PrepareTargetImpl’ method within the ‘nms:delivery’ service, specifically related to lacking the necessary rights for folder 1031, identified as containing documents of type ‘External Accounts’, thus preventing the completion of the operation.

The problem stems from a known bug, which has been resolved in version 7.3.4. This issue arises due to the association of the delivery with a web analytics account.

Resolution resolution

To address the problem, upgrade the instance to version 7.3.4.

To learn about upgrading to version 7.3.4, refer to Process to upgrade, in Campaign Classic v7 Documentation.

Meanwhile, as a temporary workaround, remove the web analytics account from the delivery to prevent the occurrence of the error.

To remove a web analytics account:

  1. Open the delivery of the campaign to be tracked.
  2. Open the delivery properties.
  3. Go to the Web Analytics tab, select the previously created external account, and delete the account.