Customer unable to delete records from custom schema

Learn how to troubleshoot data deletion issues in custom schemas.

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Adobe Campaign Classic v8 (ACC)


When executing a workflow intended to remove data from a custom schema using the “Update Data” activity, no error is reported. Yet, the data remains unaffected, posing a significant challenge for users attempting to delete records.

The issue arises due to alterations made to the primary key of the custom schema after the data was initially inserted into the schema’s table. These modifications disrupt the data deletion process, leading to the observed error.

To troubleshoot this issue, follow the given steps:

  1. Execute a workflow incorporating the “Update Data” activity designed to delete data from a custom schema.
  2. Examine the audit logs of the workflow. Despite identifying data for deletion, no actual records are deleted, highlighting the issue at hand.

Resolution resolution

Modify the issue by reverting the primary key in the custom schema definition to its original state, as it was during the initial data insertion.

Delete the required data during this phase.

Subsequently, modify the primary key to the desired value, ensuring data deletion processes function correctly as intended.