Error while sending email delivery / proof

This article helps as a quick guide to fix the issue when there is an error while sending email delivery / proof by using Deployment wizard.

Description description


Campaign Classic v7


Error when sending email delivery/proof.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a delivery.
  2. Try to send to a recipient or proof address
  3. Get error : DLV-490032 The sender email address or error email address is not authorized (deliverability configuration not carried out).

Resolution resolution

Steps to resolve:

  1. Go to Tools > Advanced > Deployment wizard
  2. A popup window will open.
  3. Keep clicking Next button till you reach the Email channel window.
  4. Navigate to the ‘Authorized sender address’ and ‘Reply address’ for the instance from where you are trying to send this email/proof.
  5. Add the sender address (or any other sending address) in the authorized masks fields.

Following documentation shows how to use Email channel parameters in order to fix the error while sending email delivery / proof.

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