Complete text in a push message is not displayed

This article works as a quick solution to display the complete text in a push message by adding an implementation of FirebaseMessagingService in the app.

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Campaign Standard


Complete text in a push message is not displayed in Adobe Campaign Standard (ACS)

Steps to reproduce:

In ACS, create and send a push message notification to the Android App and observe that the notification is received but not displaying full text message.

Resolution resolution

Add implementation of FirebaseMessagingService to create notification (in notification panel). If this is not added/implemented, then probably Android OS is displaying the notifications (in notification panel) with default style.

The Campaign SDK does not create notification (displayed in notification panel) OOB. SDK uses a specific style and Android OS takes care of resizing it and rendering it on the right side. In case of push notifications, add a code for creating notification UI. A new implementation of FirebaseMessagingService should be added on the app to customize the style of notification displayed (in notification panel), like enabling multiple lines for long messages.

Following Android documentation shows how to use BigTextStyle to show multiline message in notifications:
Add a large block of text

It is not related to ACS, but to how the Android App code is designed.