Segment didn’t evaluate a profile, but Journey still sent an email

If you find that Journey sends out emails even when Segment has not evaluated any profiles, it could be because of a capacity issue. Beyond a certain point, it has to be manually scaled as per your requirement.

Description description


Adobe Journey Optimizer (AJO)


Journey sends emails even when Segment has not evaluated any profiles.

In this case, the audience size is 0, but when targeted from Journey using a read Segment, it is still sending emails.

Following this, the export job ID was checked using the query below:

_experience.journeyOrchestration.serviceEvents.segmentExportJob.eventCode AS EVENT_CODE,
_experience.journeyOrchestration.serviceEvents.segmentExportJob.exportSegmentID AS SEGMENT_ID,
_experience.journeyOrchestration.serviceEvents.segmentExportJob.ID AS EXPORTJOB_ID,
_experience.journeyOrchestration.serviceEvents.segmentExportJob.status AS EXPORTJOB_STATUS,
_experience.journeyOrchestration.serviceEvents.segmentExportJob.exportCountTotal AS TOTAL_EXPORTED_PROFILES_COUNT,
_experience.journeyOrchestration.serviceEvents.segmentExportJob.exportCountRealized AS SUCCESS_EXPORTED_PROFILES_COUNT,
_experience.journeyOrchestration.serviceEvents.segmentExportJob.exportCountFailed AS FAILED_EXPORTED_PROFILES_COUNT
_experience.journeyOrchestration.journey.versionID = '729c3f1d-d945-42e4-961a-06d16ce9e86f'
_experience.journeyOrchestration.serviceEvents.segmentExportJob.eventType = 'segmenttrigger-orchestrator' order by TIMESTAMP

A difference/gain of five Profiles (on a base of 0) between Segments UI & Read Segment in AJO was observed.

Resolution resolution

This occurs due to a capacity issue. The system scales as much as it can, beyond which manual provisioning is required.

Given how dynamic Profile stores are, a certain minimal deviation between the two counts – Segments UI and Read Segment in AJO – is acceptable.

However, as part of an ongoing re-architecture effort, differences between audience size (Segments UI & Read Segment in AJO) should reduce further.

If it still persists, you can attribute it to:

  • Segment count changes that happen because of Profile ID graph split/merge.
  • GDPR/Hygiene deleting profiles, post Segmentation completion, among others.


Underline storage used by materialized segments store provides 10x auto-scaling. However, if processing requires higher scaling, profiles start dropping from this secondary store. Therefore, manual scaling is required to fix this issue.