Campaign workflows that use triggers from Analytics are not running

Learn how to resolve the issue where campaign workflows using triggers are not working.

Description description


Adobe Campaign Classic v7


Workflows using triggers from Analytics are not running even if restarted manually. They immediately stop. Triggers from the Analytics are also not flowing to Campaign and are not firing emails from Campaign. Moreover, Campaign logs do not show any info about triggers being fired.

Resolution resolution

When the workflow fails, the instance variable isRunning  will be set to true (it is usually set to false at the end of the workflow when the workflow is finished). So, if the workflow fails in between, you need to reset the parameter value to false before restarting the workflow.

Follow these steps to verify and correct the parameter value:

  1. Go to workflows used to send deliveries using triggers from Analytics.
  2. Check workflow properties or activity properties from the workflow.
  3. Check if the parameter isRunning = true.
  4. If yes, set it to false.
  5. Re-run the workflow and triggers should be firing successfully.


The parameter isRunning from the workflows that use triggers is set to true.