Tracking data not synced from RT to MKT (on-premises)

If the tracking data is retrieved correctly in the real-time messaging (RT) instance but is not synchronized back to the marketing (MKT) instance, adjust the scheduler activity frequency of the sync workflow of MKT.

Description description


Campaign Classic v7


Tracking data is retrieved correctly in the RT instance, but it is not synched back to the MKT instance.

Steps to reproduce: Send deliveries and receive the tracking info back.

Example: The Sync workflow in the MKT instance checks tracking logs every 2 minutes, which means it only retrieves recent data from the RT instance for the last 2 minutes. However, the tracking logs in the RT instance are updated hourly.

The Sync workflow is only effective when it runs at the top of the hour and picks up tracking logs with timestamps from the last 2 minutes. Therefore, we can only view logs from the 58th minute onward for every hour on MKT. Anything before that is not available.

There will be no tracking logs sent to MKT for the remaining executions of this hour. However, other information like events and broad logs are available in real time and will be fine even if checked every two minutes.

Resolution resolution

Change the scheduler activity on Sync workflow (from MKT) to run with the same frequency as the tracking logs from RT are collected.

Example: Sync workflow from MKT should be set to run hourly (same as in RT).

Note: To retrieve tracking data from when data loss started, previous tracking logs from prior dates on RT instances are necessary.

If you have those, to fix any data loss issues, you need to move the MC_LastTlRtSynch_1 pointer to a date after the data loss began. You can find this pointer under Administration > Platform > Options. Once the data is fully synced and the schedule is set to the same frequency as before (in this case, every hour), future runs should work correctly.