Request queue becomes unpublished

If you see that a request queue in Adobe Workfront becomes unpublished, you have to ensure that the  Publish as Help Request Queue checkbox remains checked.

Description description


Adobe Workfront


On attempting to submit a new request, the queue no longer appears as an option in the Request Type drop-down.

Upon further investigation by going to the request queue (project) and navigating to the Queue Details tab, you see that the Publish as Help Request Queue checkbox remains unchecked.

Resolution resolution

Click the Publish as Help Request Queue checkbox to ensure that it is published.

Steps to avoid the issue

  1. When attaching a template to an already published request queue, click Project Actions.
  2. Click Attach Template (refer to our Workfront guide below).
  3. After choosing the template, click Customize and attach (refer to our Workfront guide below).
  4. In the Options section, uncheck Queue Properties & Request Setup  (this ensures that the Queue Details settings are not overwritten).
  5. Click Attach Template.


When you attach a template to the project queue, the Queue Details settings from the template will overwrite the Queue Details settings in the queue. As a result, the queue could become unpublished.