Office Documents (docx, xlsx, etc) files show 404 on DAM

This article resolves the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) issue where an MS Office document is not visible when viewing it in DAM (Digital Asset Management). To correct the resulting 404 error, you need to update the filters.any file in your dispatcher configuration to allow the appropriate file extension.

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Adobe Experience Manager


When viewing an MS Office document (i.e. .xls, .xlsx, doc, docx, etc) in AEM DAM (Digital Asset Management) the file is not visible and throws a 404. The dispatcher logs will show that the file is blocked.

Resolution resolution

Add the appropriate file extension (i.e. xls and xlsx) to your filters definition file as following:

Update the filters.any or custom filters file in your dispatcher configuration instead of the default file to allow the appropriate file extension. By default, the dispatcher will block these.

To implement this change for a doc or docx file for example, add the following filter rule to your filters.any file:

# Allow .doc and .docx file types from DAM
/0099 { /type "allow" /extension '(doc|docx)' /path "/content/dam/*" }

This rule will enable access to Word documents stored within the DAM. Since you are using AEM as a Cloud Service, here are the steps to apply this change:

  1. Add the provided rule to your filters.any or custom filter file within your code repository.
  2. Commit and push the changes to your version control system.
  3. Run the Cloud Manager pipeline to deploy your changes to the AEM as a Cloud Service environment.


The filters file on the dispatcher can block unknown file types.

Configuring Dispatcher in AEM product documentation.