Inconsistencies in data retrieval from ACS through Adobe Analytics

Description description


Adobe Campaign Standard (ACS)


You notice differences in the data retrieved in ACS and Adobe Analytics.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Log in to ACS, and check the delivery dashboard.
  2. Now, in Adobe Analytics, check if same values are fetched from ACS.

Resolution resolution

In ACS, KpiSharing and kpiReconciliation are the technical workflows that sync data between ACS and Analytics. Refer to this guide on Technical workflows for more information.

In this case, the following error is seen in the workflows:

19/06/2023 15:12:14 jsDataSource API call to Adobe Analytics failed - Url:
Request body : {"rsid_list":[ "xxxxprod"] } Response: 400 Error: {"error":"Bad Request","error_description":"Access denied for some selected report suites.","error_uri":null}
19/06/2023 15:12:10 jsDataSource User name:

It occurs because your user name (mentioned in the above error) no longer belongs to an active profile, but is still added to the external account  Share KPIs with Adobe Analytics (shareKPI)  as the Web Service User Name.

Steps to resolve

  1. The user name in the external account needs to be changed to that of an active profile, which also has access to Analytics projects.
  2. Go to Administration > Application settings > External account.
  3. Choose Share KPIs with Adobe Analytics (shareKPI), and change the Web Service User Name.