Proofing Issue while uploading proofs, blue bar scrolling indefinitely

To solve the issue where the blue bar scrolls indefinitely when the user uploads proofs the administrator should change the user’s access level to Reviewer in Workfront.

Description description




When a new proof is being uploaded, the Add New Proof section shows a blue bar that scrolls across the screen indefinitely.

Resolution resolution

  1. Click on System Administrator  >   Setup  > Log in as  > (login as the user).
  2. Go to the documents tab  to upload a new document.
  3. Create a new proof as the user and see if this is reproducible.
  4. If this is still an issue, logout as the user to navigate back to the Administrator access again.
  5. Open the user profile. User can be found in the Users list or by going to the search area and searching for the user and select them.
  6. Edit the user’s account.
  7. Scroll down to the users access level in Workfront, and write down the given information 
  8. Change the users access level to Reviewer and Save.
  9. Go back into the user edit page and change the access level back to what the user had originally.