How to change cookie validity

To increase or decrease the period of cookie validity in Adobe Campaign, change the value of the two new parameters: permanentCookieValidityDuration and visitorCookieValidityDuration.

Description description


  • Adobe Campaign v7
  • Adobe Campaign v8


The cookie validity is long, and it has to be reduced.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Access a URL that points to the instance you are using. For example, a tracking URL.
  2. Open your browser’s developer console and go to the tab Application.
  3. On the left panel displayed, select Cookies  and check the expiration date of this site.

Resolution resolution

Starting with versions  ACC 7.3.2 and 8.4.1, two new parameters have been added to the serverConf.xml file, redirection section:

permanentCookieValidityDuration and visitorCookieValidityDuration.

By default, these are set up to 33696000 seconds (1 year). One can change the value of these two parameters to reduce or increase the validity period of the cookies.

From the configuration, these parameters have the following definition:

  • permanentCookieValidityDuration: Duration of the uuid230 and nllastdelid cookies validity in seconds, 0 means no cookies Default: 33696000
  • visitorCookieValidityDuration: Duration of the AMCV_ cookie validity in seconds, 0 means no cookie Default: 33696000


In the previous versions, the default cookie validity is of 13 years. This is hardcoded under versions prior to 7.3.2 and 8.4.1.