Campaign: Error in delivery activity (delivery sent successfully)

Description description




You run a simple workflow to send a delivery. The delivery is sent, but you see an error in the log. You see the following delivery error:
Error: DLV-490002 Cannot start a new analysis of the delivery since current state (‘Finished’) does not allow it.

WKF-560038 Error when performing action ‘Prepare and approve’ on delivery ‘DailyEmail1’ (of primary key XXXXXXX). Please refer to the log of this delivery for more information (object associated with the workflow task).

Resolution resolution

You need to make sure the delivery type is set as recurring from the beginning before running the workflow used to send deliveries. Also, make sure to run the workflow only once. Refer to Recurring delivery in Campaign Classic v7 Documentation for steps.


The workflow was set twice, and the delivery was not set to recurring from the beginning.