Incorrect request error when configuring the Workfront for Jira add-on

You see an incorrect request error when you try to establish a connection between Workfront and Jira. To solve the issue check for the presence of and the expiration date of the API key in  API Key Settings in Workfront.

Description description




An incorrect request error is present when attempting to establish a connection between Workfront and Jira when there is no valid API key set in Workfront for the user.

Resolution resolution

Steps to resolve:

  1. Log in to the Workfront, you want to establish the connection with as a user.

  2. Navigate to the Setup.

    • Go to System > Customer Info in the Workfront.
    • Check if an API key is present in the API Key Settings section.
  3. If an API key is not present:

    • Set an expiration date and click Generate.
  4. If an API key is already present:

    • Verify the length of the time set before the key will expire and click Reset.
  5. Go to Jira and try reconnecting to the Workfront.