AEM: How to roll out a deleted Live Copy

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  • AEM 6.5
  • Experience Manager


Deleting a Live Copy page without Detaching it will exclude it from rollout. This article explains how to roll out the page again.

Resolution resolution

A root page of Live Copy has the following property ​​to exclude rollout.

Node: {root of Live Copy Page}/jcr:content/cq:LiveSyncConfig
Properties: cq:excludedPaths (String[ ] )

When you delete a Live Copy page without Detach, the deleted page name will be added to the property and excluded from rollout.
Therefore, removing the deleted page name from the property must include it in the rollout.

If the following page on the “We-Retail” is deleted before Detach, then “men” is added to the cq:excludedPaths property value in Live Sync settings.
You can include the page in the rollout for the page by going to CRX/DE Lite and removing “men” from cq:excludedPaths.

Deleted page:/content/we-retail/us/en/men
Live Copy of root page:/content/we-retail/us/en
Live Sync settings:/content/we-retail/us/en/jcr:content/cq:LiveSyncConfig