Steps to Migrate Credentials from JWT to OAuth Server-to-Server

Learn how to migrate from Service Account to OAuth Server-to-Server credentials to use the new Oauth Server-to-Server credentials.

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The Service Account (JWT) credential has been deprecated in favor of the new OAuth Server-to-Server credential. The new credential makes it easier for you to develop and maintain Adobe applications. It also removes the need to rotate certificates periodically and works out-of-the-box using standard OAuth2 libraries.

Note: None of your running Adobe applications or integrations will break until Jan 1, 2025.

Resolution resolution

  1. Log in to the Adobe Developer Console.

  2. From the filtering menu on the left side, select the option Has Service Account (JWT) credentia l. This way display all the projects that have a Service Account (JWT) credential.

  3. Click the Add new credential  button to start migration.

  4. The new credential OAuth Server-to-Server  has been added to the left side. Click Cancel Migration  if you want to cancel the migration. Click the Review and Delete  button after verifying if the new credential OAuth Server-to-Server  is working correctly. And delete the JWT credential to complete the migration.

  5. Update the user application code with OAuth2.0 library to generate access token with the new credential. (See below or view more libraries at

  6. Review the timestamp of the last access or last used menu to verify the user application generated access tokens using the new credential.

  7. Once the old credential is replaced successfully, move to last step of deleting the old credential.

  8. Only the new credential for OAuth Server-to-Server remains on the left side, when migration is complete.

Reference Documents
To ensure the application continues to work after Jan 1, 2025, one must migrate it to use the new OAuth Server-to-Server credentials.
The migration process is simple and enables a zero-downtime migration. To learn more, view our documentation

For any questions, contact your Adobe representative, support team, or visit the Adobe Developer Console forums.