Unable to Generate from Schema Error

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Adobe Campaign Standard


Unable to re-draft and publish the custom resource (Example: CustomResourceA).

When attempting to re-draft and publish, errors are received:

Error while executing the method ‘GenerateCusResource’ of service ‘xtk:builder’.
‘cpmcustomResourceA’ schema definition not found. Unable to generate from schema ‘cus:customResourceA’.

Resolution resolution

To resolve the error and remove the null records, all custom resources that have a link to the custom resource mentioned in the error must be found.

Example below:

  1. Click on the custom resources (customResourceB, customResourceC, .etc.) with a link to customResourceA and uncheck the do not synchronize box.
  2. Go to the customResourceA custom resource and cancel the re-draft.
  3. Publish the resources.
  4. Go to the custom resources (customResourceB, customResourceC, etc.) and unlink customResourceA.
  5. Publish the resources.
  6. Go to the customResourceA and re-draft.
  7. Go to the custom resources (customResourceB, customResourceC, etc.) and check the do not synchronize box.
  8. Publish the resources.


In the custom resource’s data, there are records with null values which could not be deleted from the UI or through a workflow.