Drag and drop of a folder of assets to AEM Assets Web UI fails

AEM’s web UI does not support the drag and drop of assets in folders, but there are a few workarounds.

Description description


  • Adobe Experience Manager
  • Adobe Experience Cloud Services


  • The drag and drop of a folder that contains assets fails.

  • The UI will show a message: "1 of [ n] assets failed"

  • The error.log will show a message:

    code language-none
    11.04.2023 12:16:52.464 *ERROR*
    [ 0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1 [ 1681240612458]  POST /content/dam[ target folder name] .createasset.html HTTP/1.1]  com.day.cq.dam.api.AssetManager createAsset: repository exception while creating asset [ /content/dam/[ target foldername] [ dragged folder name] ] :
    javax.jcr.RepositoryException: org.eclipse.jetty.io.EofException: Early EOF

Resolution resolution

AEM’s web UI does not support the drag and drop of assets in folders.

Instead, you can:

  • Use the AEM Desktop application which does support this. You’ll find information about the app and how to install it in Use AEM Desktop App in the AEM Tutorials.

  • Compress the folder into a .zip, drag it into the assets, then select it and choose Extract Archive.

    • Note: You can also add the Unarchiver step to the DAM UPDATE ASSET workflow model so that .zip files will automatically be unarchived when uploaded.
    • You can add these arguments to that step to have the .zip file deleted after the unarchiving, removeOriginal::true,updateMode::OVERWRITE