Non-admin users are unable to get data for specific eVars

This article provides a detailed overview on why non-admin users are unable to get data for specific eVars in Adobe Analytics. Admin users can assign dimension or map the dimension to the Media Analytics workspace.

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Adobe Analytics


Non-admin users see the following error with no data shown when they try to get data for specific eVars in the Adobe Analytics workspace:

“You do not have access to the dimension for this request”

This occurs even if they are assigned a product profile that includes access to the specific eVars for the specific report suite.

Resolution resolution

The issue occurs if the eVars are mapped to dimensions used for Media Analytics.

Admin users can check the settings on the Media Reporting page. Refer to the Media reports enablement documentation for more information.

If this is the case, there are two options below to resolve this issue.

  • Admin users can assign the dimensions used for Media Analytics, such as Content and Content Type, to the product profile in question.
  • Admin users can change the mappings of the dimensions used for Media Analytics to different variables on the Media Reporting page. For example, you can change the mapping from eVar11 to a different variable, say eVar13, for the Content dimension in the case below.