Users unable to log into AEM cloud environment

Even though they have been added to the AEM Users product profile, some users are still unable to access the AEM Cloud Environment. Attempts to log in result inĀ  Failed to authenticate with Adobe ID error. To resolve this, deleting the user experiencing the issue and having them log in again should recreate the user profile and resolve the problem.

Description description


  • Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service
  • Adobe Experience Manager


Users cannot log into the AEM cloud environment despite being added to the AEM Users product profile in the Admin Console. Any attempt to log in leads to the following error:

Failed to authenticate with Adobe ID

Note - Clearing cache and cookies does not resolve the error.

Resolution resolution

Follow the steps below to resolve this issue:

  1. Get another user with administrator access to log in to the AEM environment that is experiencing the issue.
  2. Navigate to Tools > Security > Users.
  3. Delete the user who is facing the issue.
  4. Request the user to log in again. This will recreate the user.