Support for selected file formats in AEM Assets

This article answers questions about unsupported file formats in AEM Assets, specifically about service-level agreements (SLAs), scope of support, and associated security risks.

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  • Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)
  • Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service (AEMaaCS)
  • Adobe Experience Manager Assets


This article addresses questions about supported file formats in AEM Assets.

Refer to this documentation on Assets supported file formats.

  1. What does it mean (in terms of SLA, contract, scope of support by Adobe, Adobe security services) when a format is used/hosted on AEM Assets, but the format is officially not supported by AEM Assets?
  2. What are the risks/implications of using unsupported asset file formats in the cloud as per the above-mentioned document?

Resolution resolution

Nothing is different in terms of SLA/risk. You can technically upload and store any files in AEMaaCS.

The support is for processing the assets. This means that for unsupported file types, the asset will be uploaded but processing will not consider it.

On AEMaaCS, the same security controls are applied to stored/uploaded assets of unsupported types, such as webp, csv, etc.