Seed addresses get duplicated when recurring delivery is executed

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  • Adobe Campaign
  • Adobe Campaign Classic


When you add a new seed address in a recurring delivery, every time the recurring delivery is executed and a new delivery instance is created, a new seed address is created as well (with the same characteristics, but a different id/internal name).

To reproduce the issue:

  1. Create a new campaign and under its workflow, add a new recurring delivery.
  2. In the new recurring delivery, add a new seed address and save. Under the seed addresses folder, check that the new seed address is created.
  3. Execute the recurring delivery. This creates a duplicated seed address that is used in the new delivery instance.

Resolution resolution

This is working as designed. An improvement request is currently active under NEO-12892 to get this changed.

In the meantime, customers should use seed with dynamic conditions to avoid duplication: