Activity Map and Cross-domain tracking

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Activity Map does not work when a user navigates from one domain to another or in cross-domain tracking scenarios.

Resolution resolution

Activity map is based on the s_sq cookie. This cookie contains information about the previous link clicked by the user.

AppMeasurement is designed to set the s_sq cookie on the originating domain of the originating page where the click occurs. The page then unloads, and the browser navigates to a new page. If the new page has the same base domain,  AppMeasurement finds the s_sq cookie, reads out the ActivityMap info in it and appends that ActivityMap info to the page view event. If the new page does not have the same base domain, s_sq cookie info is not found and not added to that page view event.

As a workaround,  onclick=";" can be set on that link to have AppMeasurement immediately send the Activity Map data instead of writing it to an s_sq cookie to be picked up on the next page view from that domain.

Note: even with an call, the information will not be stitched to the destination domain. It will just help in capturing the information of the click, but that click information will not be tied to the destination page.