Wrong content displayed on published page

Description description

One customer was facing the following issue:
Their site had two language branches – Italian (it) and English (en)- with the same content, the English branch being a live copy of the Italian one.

The English “projects” page had the name “progetti” but it also had an alias set to “projects” therefore it should have been accessible at both http://< Publisher> .< URL> /content/htlab/en/progetti.html and http://< Publisher> .< URL> /content/htlab/en/projects.html.
However, only when accessed via “progetti” the correct children were displayed as accessible links inside the page – “projects” and “partnerships”.

Whenever it was accessed via “projects” the children displayed were “projects” and an incorrect page “partenerships” although that page was not present in the author.

Resolution resolution

It was found that in the publisher’s repository besides the correct “progetti” page there was also a page named “projects” which contains the wrong page “partenerships” as a child.
Perhaps at some point, it was created and then deleted without it being published and it was also cached.
The issue was fixed after deleting the whole “Projects” page under en and following the steps:

  1. Create a live copy of the Italian “progetti” page without including its children and with the properties: Name: projects; title: Projects
  2. Create live copies for the children of the “progetti” page like below:
                 - for “progetti”, create a live copy with the Name “projects” and title “Projects”
                 - for “partnerships” create a live copy with the Name “partenership” and title “Partenership”
  3. Publish the newly created pages
  4. Unpublish the pages
  5. Delete the whole “p rojects” page again.

This way, the “projects” page was also deleted from the publisher’s repository together with the incorrect “partenerships” one.