Troubleshoot login issues in Analytics

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Adobe Analytics


How to troubleshoot common instances which impact login to Adobe Analytics?

Resolution resolution

  • Ensure that the user account is not expired. To check the expiration date, go to AdminAnalytics Users & Assets in the Analytics UI.
  • Ensure that the user account is created in Adobe Analytics. With the user account being created in the Experience Cloud Admin Console and Analytics product profiles assigned to it, it should create a user account in Analytics too.
  • If logging in to the Experience Cloud ( works fine but throws an error when logging in to Analytics, try switching off browser extensions and clearing cache/cookies once.
  • Check if the log in behavior persists in a different browser and/or a different network (on/off VPN).
  • Go to AdminAnalytics Users & Assets and find the user in the Analytics UI. See if it is mapped to the Experience Cloud. In case of any issues, reach out to Adobe Customer Care for more information.