Load assets in the browser on publisher instead of downloading them

Learn about load assets in the browser on publisher instead of downloading them by changing the  Content-Disposition header of the assets.

Description description

Some images need to be loaded in the publisher browser but the image is automatically downloaded instead.

For example, when an image is published with the link: publish-pXXXXXX-eYYYYYY.adobeaemcloud.com/content/dam/images/image.png. One needs to load this image on the browser but by default, it is downloaded.

Resolution resolution

To load the assets, instead of downloading them, the  Content-Disposition header of the assets needs to be “inline” instead of “attachment”.

This is configured at the Dispatcher level by adding the configuration below in the custom vhost file:

< LocationMatch “/content/dam.*.(jpg|png|txt|pdf).*”>

Header unset “Content-Disposition”

Header set Content-Disposition inline

< /LocationMatch>