AMS users want to access OSGi console

To allow users in an Admin group to access the Felix console for configurations, bundles, etc., they can use the Admin user credentials to log in at <IP>:<PORT>/system/console/configMgr. Make sure to add their group to the Group Names to grant the necessary access.

Description description


  • Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

  • AEM Managed Services


Certain users who are part of the Admin group require access to the Felix console for configurations, bundles, and other functionalities.

Resolution resolution

Please access the OSGi console using the Admin user - <IP>:<PORT>/system/console/configMgr, search and edit Apache Sling Web Console Security Provider and verify that the group your users are part of is added to the Group Names.

If the group is not present here, please add it and the users will be able to access the OSGi console.