Entries Metrics Scheduled Report includes outside of reporting window

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The scheduled Entries metrics report includes data that is outside of reporting window.

As below image, the Report window is “Yesterday”, but the scheduled report included not only yesterday’s (Sep 24) data but also other day’s data.

What is the reason and how to include only yesterday’s data in the scheduled report?

Resolution resolution

Because Entries is visit-based metric.
Visit-based metrics, like Entries and Bounce Rate, can attribute data to a day before the reporting window start date range. The most common scenario of this attribution is when visits span midnight. For example:

  1. A user visited your homepage at 11:50 PM on September 23.
  2. After visiting several pages, the user left your homepage at 12:10 AM September 24.

In this example, when the “Report window” is September 24(Yesterday), this visit is included in the report.
However, because the Entries metrics attribute to September 23, the “Sep 23,2022” of the Day Dimension will also be shown in the report.

It is Work As Design, but as a workaround, you can set the Rows number as 1, sort the Day dimension in decent, then save and reschedule the report. You may receive a report that only includes “Yesterday” data as below image.